NEC announces new portable projector

NEC has just announced a new line of portable projectors that will be named the ‘M’ series.  The ‘M’ series is geared toward education and business sectors and provides eco friendly modes, energy efficiency and an extended filter life.  These features are important for the business sector because you are always on the move and need a dependable.  There are three available models with the ‘M’ series – M271X, M311X, and M311W.

The new line of projectors sport an insane amount of bulb life.  The 311x and 271x have the ability to exceed 10,000 hours.  Most projectors on the market last around 3,000 to 4,500.  The increased bulb life allows a consumer to save tons of cash and time by keeping the same bulb for a couple of years.  The projector also features an incredible 3000:1 ratio.

Additional features such as 3 HDMI ports, 3100 lumen output, XGA resolution and dual inputs make this a wishlist item on many people’s radar.  The most interesting feature is that the projector doesn’t even need a laptop.  The projector has a built in USB that allows you to insert your flash drive directly into your projector.  Well what is the catch?  The price? Nope, the price on all three models is below 1,0000.  I have seen far inferior projectors go for twice that amount.  Not to mention the savings that will be had on not buying a bulb every 6 months.