Samsung PNF8500 – Just Might be Samsung’s Masterpiece

Samsung PNF8500 – Just Might be Samsung’s Masterpiece

The Samsung PNF8500 has recently been introduced into the market and it’s nothing short of a masterpiece. This is no surprise given the pedigree of the maker. To learn more about the Samsung PNF8500, read on.


Even though plasma technology is on its way out, Samsung has used the technology on a grand scale: with its aesthetically pleasing 60-inch TV. The TV is capable of offering beautiful colors with inky blacks. In addition, it also offers amazing detail on both the 2D and 3D modes. Although the HDTV does not come cheap, there is a reason why it is considered as the ultimate choice for consumers looking for high-end plasma HDTVs.


PNF8500Even when it is off, the PNF8500 still manages to look stunning with its stylishly brushed metal bezels that have been capped off with a shiny chrome trim.  The TV weighs no more than 64 pounds and has been designed with a unique stand. The TV along with its stand is sturdy and quite attractive. However, the cabinet cannot be swiveled which is a minor drawback.


The back of the screen has three USB and four HDMI ports along with a digital audio output. You also get an Ethernet and several shared mini component and composite AV ports as well. The top of the cabinet houses a pop-up camera that can be used to control the TV using hand gestures and for video chatting as well. In addition, you can also control the television with voice commands as well.

You have a lot of settings to play with. You can choose from a huge array of picture modes. You can control settings like contrast, brightness, color and tint. The 3D-mode includes various advanced features that let you adjust depth and perspective. It’s no surprise that since it’s a Smart TV, you can access the internet using either wired or wireless networking. You can also use a huge array of web apps that are easily accessible through the Smart Hub.

In short, the TV is quite dazzling in how it performs. The color accuracy is dead-on with amazing picture quality. The TV does consume a lot of power, but being top of its class, it provides value for money.