Small Business Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the strategy of bringing up specific websites for certain search queries.  Small Businesses need to understand the importance of affordable marketing so they can make the most money out of their return.  In this article we will explain the basic functionality of search engines, common questions how how to hire the most effective company and how much you should expect to pay for a quality company.

How do search engines determine website ranks?

This is what every business owner wants to know, but does not have the time to put in to figure it out.  The real answer is, search engines have proprietary algorithms that determine your website’s ranking.  Nobody know exactly how things are weighted or exactly what will definitely improve your placement.  There are a couple things that our standard to increase your rankings and they are quality backlinks, relevant traffic, time on site and fresh content.  Nobody can guarantee a number 1 spot in Google because the algorithms are constantly changing to deter spammers and illegal black hat activity.  Black Hat activity is considered anything that Google has considered illegal when it comes to SEO manipulation.  Black Hat techniques do work, but they are on the short term side and most likely will have your site deindexed off Google.

How to hire the most effective SEO Company?

Would you hire just a random contractor to work on your house?  Would you let someone who is obese be your personal fitness instructor?  Search Engine Optimization runs along the same lines.  The person you hire should have a knowledge base that exceeds your expectations.  You should ask them what strategies they will deploy on your site, How long they have been doing SEO, How do they keep current with new procedures and what can they do for your specific project.  Your SEO consultant/company should do an analysis of your website and help choose appropriate keywords.  Let your consultant select your keywords.  You may have a certain keyword in mind, but you have no idea on traffic, click through rate, relevance and or return on investment.

Cost associated with SEO plans:


Costs are all dependent on what keywords you are trafficking and what kind of competition the keyword has.  For a small business looking to capture some non competitive keywords you are looking anywhere from $300-$600 month.  For a large corporation SEO plans can vary from $1200 and go all they way up to $20,000 a month.  The more you spend the more resources a company can use to help make your project successful.  Search Engine Optimization gets  a bad wrap for being expensive, but if you weigh your products profit with the amount of traffic you will be able to know what you can spend per month.  The average SEO strategy take around 3 months to see some traction so please add that in your budget.

Small Business SEO