VIZIO E601-A3 60-inch 1080p 120Hz Razor LED Smart FHDTV

This particular VIZIO TV can be purchased at a Costco for $975.  I recently purchased this television and wanted to put my review out there for anyone on the fence.  Here is the direct link to Costco’s page to buy the TV.  The only downfall is that you have to be a Costco member, but Costco is awesome so join and reap the benefits.

Product Features

  • VIZIO Internet Apps® ? Instantly enjoy online movies, TV shows, music, apps and more
  • LED technology for richer colors and more vivid details
  • Slim frame design with ultra thin profile beautifully enhances any living space
  • 1080p Full HD resolution for a crystal-clear picture
  • Built-in WiFi for easy internet access

The first product feature is the VIZIO internet Apps.  This allows you to flawlessly load amazon, youtube, netflix, hulu, hulu plus and a variety of other streaming applications.  The TV can be connected wirelessly or it can be hardwired with an ethernet cable.  The setup for the wireless is extremely easy and automatically scans the nearest wireless and lets you choose your internet and a publix available wifi.  I have streamed netflix and hulu without a hitch. Once you select a program to watch the tv automatically starts with low quality and increases the quality as the program goes.  This allows you to watch the program with little to no buffer.  The buffer speeds will vary and will depend on your internet connection.  I run a 30MB connection with Charter so I would say my internet is on the top end of the speed spectrum.

Secondly, the LED technology color is average for an LED TV.  I find that the dark areas of movies tend to be a little too dark and washed out.  The primary colors really pop on this tv and display beautifully.  The benefit of purchasing and LED tv is that there is no glare so positioning your TV in your room will not be an issue with windows.

Moving on to the frame and design,  the tv is lightweight and extremely thin.  My wife and Installed this over our fireplace mantle using a mount bracket.  We easily lifted the TV and secured it to the bracket with no issue.  The VIZIO design team made significant progress in HDMI placement along with all other component positions.   We hooked up our cable box, playstation 3 and computer cords and were able to conceal them from the viewing area.

We only experienced one major con and it only happens on old old school channels is the lips motion and audio sync is slightly off.  VIZIO provides a lip sync adjustment in their settings that allows you to match the lip to audio if you experience this issue.  Like I said previously this doesn’t happen on primetime tv or any of the popular channels you would watch with any regularity.  This issue is not present with netflix or any type of streaming app or movies.


Pros: it comes with wall-mounting screws.
Cons: wished the heads were wider on the screws.
Model Number: E601i – A3
“This TV is hands down the best TV I’ve owned. I’ve had other Vizios, Samsungs, and Panasonics. I’ve done the research and Vizio has improved their components significantly in the last few years — I am told this TV screen is made at the same Mexico factory as the Sharp Aquos TVs (not all the Vizio compnents are American made, though it is based in the USA). The picture quality is superb and the matte finish, thin bezel, and offset logo give it a fresh front appearance and allow for optimal viewing. The 2 down HDMIs on the back are nice. It’s a new design and for their E-series it has a lot of quality feautures.”
Pros: all around great tv. easy setup
Cons: have not found how to program remote to operate dv
“I have been looking for a new LCD/LED TV for over a year. Comparing and viewing as many as I could. I did not need 3D, but I did want WiFi. This Vizio had all my wants at a great price. Review on Home Theater review was deciding factor. I was lucky I got 1 of last two in Phoenix metro area. Man behind me bought the last one. Love the picture and size.”
Pros: amazing value, small bezel, price, 4 hdmi ports, slim design
Cons: none
“This 60″ Vizio is replacing a 240Hz 55″ Vizio. While the picture of this 60″ doesn’t match that set’s picture quality, I have no complaints. This set is lighter, bezel is smaller and best of all it is CHEAPER! 60” HDTV for under $1k? Amazing!
Suggestion, though: As soon as you turn it on, turn the Smooth Motion OFF. I’ll never understand why Vizio ships it turned on. If you’re like me, I don’t want everything I watch looking like a soap opera.”
Pros: thin bezel. overall the tv is beautiful.
Cons: cannot seem to get picture to my liking.
Model Number: E601i-A3
“I have had this TV for about a week now and cannot get the picture calibrated to my liking. I have spent hours messing with it and have even set it to recommended setting from the review on CNET. Just when I think I have it looking good, I change the channel to something else and it looks horrible for that program. I have become so frustrated with it that I think it is going back. I am afraid that it will not be able to handle the speed of hockey. While watching some HD YouTube video’s on the TV the picture became so jittery when there was action (even with the smooth motion set to High) it was making me sick. Now, that could have been because I was watching a YouTube video. With a lockout there is no live hockey to test it out on. I think I will exchange it for the Samsung or Sharp, both of which had far better pictures in the store. I loved the price of this unit so I wanted to give it a try. All other reviews I have read on this TV say the picture is great. I must be missing something there. I guess I am used to my 42″ Philip LCD. It has a great picture.”
In conclusion to, the reviews clearly show that the TV provides your best bang for your buck.  The last testimonial discussed YouTube videos and the speed of hockey.  I have watched baseball, football, basketball, soccer and MMA and have found no issue with the speed of the TV or smoothness of the sport itself.
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