Vizio S5451w-C2 – Sound Bar That Delivers True Surround

vizioc2The Vizio S5451w-C2 feels like any other sound bar with most of the features, but with the addition of true surround sound experience that most sound bars lack. It’s a tremendous 5.1-sound bar system with a 51-inch sound bar, and a subwoofer that connects two wireless speakers. The sound bar has a big enveloping sound that most sound bars can’t produce, especially if you are watching a movie with extensive special effects.


This particular Vizio sound bar creates a bigger impression like no other. The sound bar itself is around 54 inches long which is designed to work with TVs that are 55 inches or bigger. The height is 4.18 inches, which means sometimes it might block the TV’s remote sensor. This is an annoying issue as the s5451 w-c2 does not have an IR repeater to counter this issue like other competing sound bars have.

Apart from its size, the sound bar is stylish and sports a reserved look that is appropriate for a product like this. The front is dominated by a black speaker grille, and a thin strip of shiny silver runs around the bottom. The thin strips houses small LED lights that provide visual feedback when adjusting the volume or making any such tweaks. The subwoofer and speakers have a neat design with less wire clutter. The subwoofer is on the larger side for a sound bar, with an 8-inch driver. The speakers stand 8.5 inches and have two 3-inch drivers.

Remote Features

The unique sound bar remote for the s5451w-C2 debuted with the S4251w-b4 and is pretty much the same since then. The design makes it easy to hold and the button layout is perfect for use. The standout feature of the remote is the built-in display, which provides visuals right on the remote. A fantastic idea conceptually, however, there is an issue. When you hold it up to look at the display, the remote’s codes automatically are directed at the ceiling rather than the sound bar, so you might find it difficult to control.

If size is not an issue, the Vizio S5451w-C2 is the perfect choice to enjoy quality surround. It has extra large sound bars for high quality surround. This Vizio sound bar offers a cinema-like sound experience without the clutters of an HTIB.